No Gods No Masters

“It’s like Robotech meets Final Fantasy! Mechs and Magic!”

80 years after a cataclysmic storm, a pocket of humanity has rebuilt a Home and forced back the encroaching chaos with advanced weaponry.

Yet still, they are ever plagued by the Drops: portals which deposit invaders from alien worlds all throughout the land.

As the war for reclamation wages, a phenomena known as “Strange”, the ability to shape reality itself, gives rise to a new enemy, this one closer to home: Esoterrorists.

This is the world of No Gods, No Masters. A world where the men and women of the Human republic fight tooth and nail to not only reclaim their world from the alien Invasives, but struggle daily to maintin the puirty of their race from the forces of Strange.

Enter a  world filled with demonic aliens, magical phenomena, and deadly mecha piloted by cunning human warriors.

Click on the link below to download your free copy of “The Glass Forest”, a story set in this world. Consider it an appitzer before the first course, “The Goddess’s Gambit: Book One of the No Gods, No Masters series coming out later this year.

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“Onward they marched, deeper and deeper into the Glass Forest. Twisted steel and crumbling walls of brick towered over them, blocking what little light the sun provided on the crisp, overcast fall day. Shattered pavement, littered with the corpses of a thousand ancient vehicles, human skeletons and other miscellaneous detritus, was their only navigable stream. The tangle of paths wound and split, sometimes blocked by a fallen tower, other times by an enormous sinkhole, yet always beckoning them onward. The crunch of glass granules and shattered, dry bones under their boots stood out so loud against the still quiet that each step sounded like a landslide. He could tell without seeing their faces that his boys were simultaneously enraptured by the fallen city of their ancestors and terrified of the gruesome story it told. Fear nagged at them all, as they imagined what might be lurking, scavenging, and hunting in the darker halls and corners of the ruin.”
-from The Glass Forest, by B. Michael Stevens

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