About B. Michael Stevens

Since he was a child, B. Michael Stevens has been telling stories. Just ask his poor mother who had to listen to him relate every detail of a dream (that he never actually had) over the course of a three-hour car ride. Or his more fortunate (perhaps) friends in the early days of elementary and middle schools who got to participate in some of his interactive story-telling via Dungeons & Dragons and other such games.

A fiction writer first and foremost, no sub-genre is safe from his imagination, though he primarily writes  Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Horror.  Often, a blend of all.

He currently lives in the Dallas-Fort-Worth area of lovely Texas with his wife, son and pack of friends at the Stevens House for Wayward Animals, spending his time bouncing back and forth between his countless ideas for short stories and his main WIP, the “No Gods, No Masters” Saga of futuristic fantasy.


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