The Goddess Gambit – Out Now!!

After years of blood, sweat, and tears, my debut Science-Fantasy novel, “The Goddess Gambit- Book One of the No Gods, No Masters Saga, is out!
ShadowRun meets Fallout! Final Fantasy meets Robotech!
The Goddess Gambit is a unique blend of genres, crossing into and pulling deeply from Military Sci-Fi, Urban Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, and Dystopian fiction.

See what all the excitement is about and go on an adventure unlike any other!

Buy “The Goddess Gambit” Here


Something is wrong in the Ziggurat. A city-state-fortress, built to be a shining beacon of hope for the surviving remnants of the human race. The last bastion against the swirling forces of chaos. Home to Jon 310-257, a super soldier, born and bred to fight for the purity of the planet, to keep Home safe, and to help bring about a brighter tomorrow under the honorable Chairman Accoba Warbak.

A shadow now crawls across the land, a wrongness that runs deeper than the Ziggurat’s vaunted goals. Esoterrorists have infiltrated the capitols surrounding Shanty. They are traitors, criminals, sworn enemies of Home and the safety it offers… or are they?

When Jon is contacted in the most surprising way by one of the enemy, he is unwittingly set upon a path that will challenge all his assumptions and beliefs, and will teach him what it truly means to be a hero for humanity.

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