FUN! FUN! A twisted tale of fandom gone horribly wrong.

My little Pony. You’ve probably heard of it. A delightful childrens cartoon that in the last few years has found a massive fandom from a most unorthodox group of people: Grown men. Enter the Bronies.

When good friend and editor, Alex S. Johnson contacted me and asked me to write a Brony-themed horror story for his new Anthology “Bronies Gone Wild”, I declined at first; not wanting to add to the list of supposed evils these Bronies commit. After some reflection and some time, I changed my mind. Hell, this is fiction, is it not?

An idea sprang into my head: One part Stephen King’s “Misery”, one part MLP fan phenemona “Pinamena” (Pinkie Pie’s sadistic alter-ego) and three parts meme-dropping. The result is something I consider to be quite ‘Fun! Fun!’ and hope you will too.

Join me, and many other fantastic up and coming authors as we explore what happens when you combine an obessesed fan base and bleeding edge geek culture with body horror, twisted minds, and dark erotica.

Enjoy. And remeber, Friendship is Murder.

You can purchase the Anthology here:



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