Beware of the Santa Muerte… Beware of Lucy!

Lucy, the Lady of the Holy Death. Maya’s fierce fighting Jaguar has arrived!

Once broken and abused, used by the despotic Chairman Warbak to eliminate political rivals, forced to assassinate the innocent, Lucy found freedom when she met Maya.

Her mind is now her own, but her body, 90% machine will always reflect the terriblness of Warbak’s vision. Her face, forever decorated like a skull, once used to terryify the enemies of the State, now haunts the head of that state.

As Maya’s sworn gaurdian, Lucy delivers swift, brutal justice to all those who would corrupt the world with their greed and evil.

Soon you will be able to follow her story, along with the others in “No Gods, No Masters.”

Stay tuned Fam

You can follow the artist, the brilliant Zach Raw, here at:

lucy sig


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