Breaking Ahab-A tale of strange sorrow

“A chilling Dark Fantasy”- Madeline Stout (Editor of Fantasia Divinity Magazine)

Last year I attended the DFW Writers Con in Fort Worth Texas. It was incredible,  for me, a real game changer. Besides meeting dozens of professional writers and hundreds of would-be professional writers (myself included), I attended many seminars.

In one of them, we were broken up into small groups of 3-5. We were given a scenario each and tasked with inventing a villain for a story. This was the “villain Workshop” after all.

My group’s scenario? A salty sea captain who’s wife was killed by a giant squid.

A friend of mine, named Mary Noon (FANTASTIC writer btw, please visit her blog @ ) and I came up with an interesting idea: What if the villain was him? His mind? He was both the protagonist AND antagonist? What if the villain of the story was his own psyche, which was shattered, broken, and preventing him from knowing the truth??

I could go on, but wouldn’t want to give away the story.

Sadly, the other members of our group in the workshop did not see the mad genius behind Mary and my’s idea.  😉
They went with something else entirely. I don’t even recall it to be honest. Nevertheless, the exercise was a blast, and the Writers Convention ( ) was the best thing evah, and I highly recommend any budding author figure out a way to attend it.

I left the convention buzzing, and couldn’t stop thinking of our idea for this sea captain. So promptly went about writing the story that would come to be called “Breaking Ahab” that week.

Here we are now, 9-1/2 months later, and Breaking Ahab is published and available.

Best thing? The publisher, Fantasia Divinity Magazine, releases each issue in both paper AND Kindle. So for those of you that find it hard to blow 10+ bucks on new authors and small indie press fiction, check it out: You can pick up the March Issue of Fantasia Divinity, featuring my tale, “Breaking Ahab” for only .99 cents. How badass is that?

So take a break from the normal horror I write and explore a tragically romantic, dark fantasy story. I’m particularly proud and happy with this one. And at 99 cents, what’s stopping you?

2 thoughts on “Breaking Ahab-A tale of strange sorrow

  1. Terri Lee Anderson March 27, 2017 — 3:32 am

    How do I buy it?



  2. There is a link to Amazon at the bottom of the blog post. 🙂


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