Impossible Memories, Ghost Riders and the Great Race of Yith.

Funny how things go. The very first short story I ever submitted was accepted (I’ve had plenty of rejections since then) and has finally been printed!

My Story, “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Consciousness” is featured in the new anthology “Monsters Among Us”, by Bloody Kisses Press.

Inspired by a mixture of true events family and I experienced when visiting the Pacific NorthWest, as well as the absolutely brilliant art of Alex Garrant, it’s a story I am very proud of and you are sure to not want to miss.

It is the story of Beatrice, a middle-aged Seattilite who remembers something from her childhood, only to later discover that the event she remembers took place before her birth, and appears to have happened to her (long dead) older sister.

The fragile eggshell of her psyches defenses now cracked, Bea begins to remember further impossible things, such as the ancient city of Yith, and the Great Race that occupies it.

Follow Beatrice down the rabbit hole of fresh Lovecraftian horror as you follow the arc of my stories as they enter the world of Indie Press and Publication.

The Anthology is now available on Amazon:




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