Love Vikings? Me too!


Who doesn’t love Vikings?
Big, tough warriors and shield-maidens, sailing across the seas into the unknown to raid, plunder and honor their Gods.

Norse history and mythology has always held a special place in my heart and my imagination. So it was a no brainier that I would eventually write about them.

But when I write about Vikings, things are going to get weird…and horrific, cause, well, that’s kinda what I do. 🙂

My latest story, “The Screaming West” is a tale about a small band of Viking warriors who set sail in the wake of Lief Erickson, in hopes of finding the fabled land know as Vinland, or The Dreaming West.

They find more than they bargained for when they chance across a great old one from the Cthulhu Mythos, namely Ithaqua.

This tale, along with many other fantastic stories of Viking sword and sorcery, appears in “Hammer of the Gods”, by Rogue Planet Press.

You can get your copy at the link below.

Happy raiding! And remember, you can’t spell slaughter without laughter! 🙂

Hammer of the Gods



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